Automated digital time and attendance offers huge savings for most businesses. TimeIPS systems pay for themselves in a few months, and sometimes in just weeks. To help you get a feel for how much your business could be saving, we've created a return on investment (ROI) calculator.

ROI Example
We've used standard American Payroll Association figures to calculate how much you can save by implementing an automated system. Below is a simplified example of a potential client's ROI based on just a few figures about their business.
savings graph image spa Number of Employees:
spa Average Employee Hourly Pay:
spa Minimum OT Hours per Week:
spa Maximum OT Hours per Week:
Their annual savings:
between $8466 - $54,636.
Advanced ROI Calculator
Our advanced ROI calculator provides a more detailed analysis of your business and the possible savings with TimeIPS. Click the link below to view a detailed example laid out in an easy to read PDF file. Contact us for your own customized ROI report.
Detailed ROI Calculation example savings graph icon
By incorporating advanced features with an easy-to-use interface, TimeIPS pays for itself by eliminating common employee and payroll issues such as:

  • Calculating payroll hours manually
  • Verifying sick and vacation time
  • Scheduling employees
  • Managing early & late clock ins and clock outs
  • Reducing unauthorized overtime and unproductive time incorrectly allocated to jobs and projects
  • Tracking time on jobs and projects
  • Processing payroll
  • Tracking employee records and history

Additionally, TimeIPS provides powerful REAL-TIME viewing and reporting of your personnel attendance and job / project activity to help you quickly identify areas of your business to improve employee productivity, lower personnel management costs and save money.